The new Waterford Icon collection designed by Jeff Leatham is the perfect fusion between contemporary and traditional design, which is the perfect match for my design aesthetic, and why the Icon collection was the perfect choice to re-fresh the hall, and coffee tables at the farm, and give the wow factor to a recent dinner party we hosted.


The Icon vase in clear (also available in Amethyst) is a great size and has the perfect proportion create an oversize installation or low tight arrangement, which is rare to find a vase that can accommodate both!

For the hall table I used tall, delicate Cosmos flowers, which creates the perfect focal point in the room. The simple scalloped cut of the crystal adds just enough texture and detail to work back with other elements in the room.


 Given the height and scale of the vase, I decided to add a lower tight arrangement using the Icon bowl in clear, which also comes in the alternate purple colour.

I love pieces that can be versatile, and the bowl works both on the dining table and also, in this case, as a vase! 

IMG_7041 (1).jpg

 I wanted to stay in the same pink colour family as the cosmos, but give a structural edge to the arrangement. Dahlias are an easy flower to work with, as they are full and work well cut short and en masse. To make the arrangement more striking, I

 decided to create a visual line with a darker tone pink flower but keep the arrangement the same height and scale. 

The other décor elements in the Icon range include the Icon frame, which works well with the vase and bowls, but allows you to accent existing décor elements to a hall table, mantle or desk. 

 For the dining table, the Icon double old-fashioned tumblers give texture and detail sitting next to a clean, contemporary flute and tie perfectly with the Icon vases. 


 My key elements to styling a coffee table? A great selection of books, scented candle, interesting objet and of course the perfect vase.

Waterford Crystal