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Festive season entertaining at home with Swarovski

Steve CordonyComment
Festive season entertaining at home with Swarovski

The festive season is my absolute favourite time of the year. I always have a plan of how to style the house and dinner table in advance. Christmas starts early for me, in September/October, where I start thinking about gifts and the perfect way to wrap them.

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Choosing the right gift for your loved ones is important, but for me its all about the details. I love wrapping presents with crisp white matte paper and chic velvet ribbon. A hand written note is a must and could be a hand made Christmas card or even a black and white photograph with a note on the back.

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You can’t beat a bit of sparkle for Christmas, and the holiday season is the perfect time to have fun with it.


For the dinner table this year, I am going with a colour palette of crisp white, muted gold and greens. Simple details such as using the Swarovski SCS 2018 Holiday ornament as a napkin ring, can make a big impact with guests. I am adding more magic with Shimmer tea light holders and Crystalline wine and champagne glasses. Keep the dinnerware clean and simple with white and silver, to let the details take centre stage.


Wreaths decorated with ornaments, like the Swarovski gingerbread ornaments add extra shine and a luxe element to the space.

Hanging wreaths from not only doors but also mirrors, adds extra glamour by reflecting your sparkling decorations.

Not matter how you spend Christmas, its all about the little details, and adding a little extra sparkle for the holiday season will add bit of magic to the best time of the year.

Happy Holidays!